She had blond hair, straight as a leaf of grass, eyes with a sadness within that defined the color blue, and was a child of summer, born in the middle of July, made out of patience and discipline.Her innocent appearance could fool anyone who wouldn’t bother to scratch the surface.

There was always something cold about her, that imposed a distance for others. She was the perfect model of teenager, or in fact, of every period of life she transcended. Being a former sports champion, with a showcase full of awards, athletic body and perfect grades, she took religious care of her things which she wouldn’t share with anyone, and made sure they were always placed in a perfect order much like everything else in her life. She used to dust her collection of CD’s every day, making sure they displayed a fixed image of herself unlike their music that moved her inside.

She had an inclination for numbers, a major in economy, and she used to think every problem had a unique solution, the hard part being finding the right one.

She was courageous to the point that nobody could guess, loved keeping secrets and had an immense need for safety and the ability to drift in thoughts when her reality was beneath the standards of the image she portrayed.


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