Have you ever searched for it?

Where did you begin? Through the pages of your diary? In the chapters of your favorite book, in that part that describes your soul in expensive words?

Do you think you could find it in your childhood back yard?

Can it be hidden in a perfume? Is it trapped in a Whatsapp conversation? Does it sound like the Skype ringtone?

Do you see it in a collection of college diplomas? Would you look for it in a photo album?

Can it be in the ATM machine, hiding behind a secret PIN? Is it wrapped in the shape of a present under the Christmas tree?

Did you think to look if it’s burned between the tracks of your favorite CD? Can it be the trace of lipstick on a glass of red wine?

Did you ever search for it on the beach? Or just in a random boarding pass?

Can it be in the eyes of a new born baby? Or in the laughter of your parents?

Is it behind the promise of an engagement ring? Or did you search for it between bed sheets?

I’d look for it in the rain drops of an ordinary day.


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