If the sky is the limit then why do we have borders?

This is something that got stuck on my mind for a while now. Borders.

Thus, while Trump’s dream is to build, brick by brick, a wall to isolate the US from Mexico – as if the visa requirements were not efficient enough for that matter – my dream is to live in a world without any borders. At first, you’d say this is impossible, but dreams are usually like that and I’ve heard that if you can think it, then it probably is possible.

First, we need to define borders, as there are so many of them. I think a border is first of all the limit to which your brain can imagine your life. Think of it like this: there are people living in small villages for which seeing the Eiffel Tower is as impossible as becoming the US president (Trump wasn’t one of them, and that shows you that while whatever crosses your mind may be a dangerous thing, it certainly isn’t impossible). These people’s imagination and dreaming goes as far as the closest city from their village.

Then, there are people who’s aspirations go as far as the walls of the cubicle around them, and those are the borders they set for their dreams. They are so thirsty for safety and security that being fired or quitting their job would be the worst thing they can imagine happening to them.

There are, of course, country borders. The ones that create huge lines at passport control when you come back tired from whatever country you were not born into. The ones that make you go through the toughest Q&A’s just to get permission to see places others call home. These borders exist to tell you that you cannot live anywhere else, you cannot work wherever you set your mind to and you cannot fall in love wherever love takes you.

There are religious borders. The kind that people are born into and tied into even deeper by their families. They are called: Christian borders, Muslim borders, Jewish borders, Hindu borders and many more. These are invisible but at the same time, the most powerful ones. They make the world go round but leave you stuck in invisible chains, telling you what to believe, how you should raise your children, what traditions you must follow and whom you can chose to make a life with.

There are mental borders. The kind of borders society uses to tell you what you cannot do, whether it is to live a traveler life, raise a child as a single parent or choose not to have children at all, quit a successful career to learn how to hula dance on a Hawaiian beach or anything that is out of boundary for what the majority made up as “normal”.

There are the borders of a Twitter text, limited to 146 characters.

There are the borders of your due phd paper, limited to 15.000 words.

There are the borders of the sea shore, that tell you how far you can go swimming and still be safe.

I think that borders are a dangerous thing because they set safety rules that build fears and limit thoughts, keeping people safe from the unknown and at the same time, safe from greatness.

Religion builds borders. Governments build borders. Society builds borders. Your mind builds borders.

Do you know what they use for building them? Fear – That familiar illusion, same as any border you can imagine.

Borders exist only because we think they do.

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