Stop being consumed by your self-inflicted drama. Stop turning every romance into who you are. Stop taking selfies. Stop wasting yourself in constant need of validation. Stop being your parents choices. Stop thinking that your business card is who you are. Stop living your days in the waiting room of his texts, likes and coffee invitations. Stop looking at yourself through the eyes of others. Stop comparing yourself to others. If you cannot stop, then do it less, until you will understand what a waste of time that is. Leave all that behind in the graveyard of your frustrations and focus on how much more there is to you.

Try to be constantly better than your last thoughts. Meditate. Think about what makes you feel good about yourself and force yourself to do more of that. Read. Try to become better at what you love to do, even if that can lead you to failing at what you care for most – that is how you learn to be the best at something. Wake up every morning and know your day is more than the routine that saves you from yourself. Take care of yourself and learn to love yourself more. Do what is hard, what you never feel like doing, because that is how people you admire got there. Be disciplined. Nothing worth having comes easy. Don’t lose yourself in what happens to you, between the standards others set for you or in how other people see you. No matter how good or bad they think you are, they will never be right. Listen. Pay attention to people you meet instead of just waiting for your turn to talk. Let go of what you already lost. Focus on what is in your power to change. Be present. Be more of who you are. Let people see you, not the “picture perfect you” you want to be.

Stop expecting. Start from where you are. Work on being better. Stop being less.

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