I miss you now. I missed you yesterday and a little more this morning. I am starting to miss you more and more.

Missing you feels different every time. At first I missed the things I got from you. I missed your touch and your attention. I missed your jokes and your texts.

Then I started to miss your presence. I missed your perfume, your smile and the way you look at me.

As time passed, I started to miss you for who you are. I missed hearing your life stories, your perspective on things and your theories on the world. I missed listening to you.

Lately I miss getting to know you better. I miss the things I never had. I miss going to the beach with you. I miss your friends and family. I miss your home town. I miss waking up to you every day. I miss our cat.

Sometimes I’m afraid I’m going to miss another chance to miss you.

In the beginning, I didn’t miss you at all. Then, I started to miss you from time to time. Once every couple of weeks, then days. Now I miss you every day. Sometimes I miss you right after you leave.

Maybe missing someone is how you can measure it. Just count the weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds. When you’re done counting, you’re fucked.

It’s love.

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